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NEW: Ryan De La Cruz - Stubborn - Prod by. Ryan De La Cruz - Directed by. Murshed - #SYKO

22-year-old singer, Ryan De La Cruz, returns with a trap tinged, R&B joint entitled ‘Stubborn’, the second single off his forthcoming and long-awaiting EP ‘Syko’. Originally launched into the spotlight in 2017 for the huge single ‘Know About Me’, which very quickly surpassed a million views, Ryan has been tearing up the scene for a while, and now he is now back in full force.

Ryan has been setting himself apart from the new generation of UK talent, injecting soulful, R&B feels into his fruitful plethora of inspiration, while making it an aim to sing about real life, and the upcoming EP is a true testament to this. Ryan highlights his unique way of thinking with this project. ‘Syko’ is a conceptual body of work, playing on the different facets of his personality with singles like ‘Crazy’, ‘Rockstar’, 'Syko', and of course the brand new single 'Stubborn'.

With this track acting as a warm up for what’s he has under his sleeve, we’re bracing ourselves for even more conceptual greatness. This young artist has truly up’ed the ante this year and this is only the beginning.

Check out the latest instalment below, and make sure you're ready for the E.P.

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