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NEW: Juice Menace - Lizzi£ - Prod by. Feniko - Directed by. Max Martin

Off the back of the success of her debut single ‘Hardly’, one of the UK's hottest upcoming prospects, Juice Menace, is back as she looks to build on what is already a glowing reputation with a brand new instalment entitled 'Lizzi£'.

In true Juice style ‘Lizzi£’ is a self-assured and assertive track, with a generous bass and subtle electronic overlays, courtesy of Feniko. Juice discusses staying in your own lane on the way to the top, and being money motivated whilst focusing on yourself, rather than paying attention to the opinions of others. The debut single ‘Hardly’ was along the same vein showing that Juice really does ooze confidence, a trait which will stand in her good stead on her route to stardom.

Huge props must be sent out to Max Martin who has ensured that this new drop arrived with a high quality music video which applies the finishing touches to an already dope track.

Check out 'Lizzi£' below, and be sure to let us know your thoughts.

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