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CGpresents: KE4T

KE4T has been on CGuk's radar for a minute now, ever since he dropped his hit 'Strip Club Music' which saw him showcase the raw talent he carries. The 0121 act is certainly an artist who has a lot to offer to the music scene, coming straight from Birmingham he offers his own sound and new wave. The team at Creative Gen strongly feel that Ke4t is bringing a new sound to Birmingham, something we haven't really heard from within the city before. During our interview with Ke4t he talks about his musical influences and it really shows through his art and the unique sound he is creating.

For our CGpresents series, we offer you an insight in to the way the artist would perform to a live audience whilst giving you a deeper insight in to their journey with our exclusive interview. This series focuses on showcasing up and coming talents, using our platform to reach a different audience and give these talented artists the exposure they deserve.

Photography by. JDShotYou

Earlier in the year the rapper performed live in Birmingham at one of the hottest nightclubs in the city, 101 Nightclub. He performed 'Strip Club Music' for the Fourty Presents crowd, an event brought to you by DJ Fourty. During his performance for CGpresents you can get a feel for how KE4T can turn up your event, just like he did at 101.

The rapper is consistently releasing new music, you can clearly see his hunger for his craft and to keep pleasing his fans. It is so easy for rappers to come out off the back of a hit single and start to become lazy, this just isn't in KE4T's plan. He has already released one project this year 'The Start', which is available to stream on all platforms.

Photography by. JDShotYou

There is no doubt that this rising star will continue to raise the levels over the coming months, so be sure to keep him on your radar, and be prepared for him to make waves across the globe.

You can watch the full interview and performances exclusively via our YouTube channel.

Be sure to share your thoughts and suggest who you would like to see featured on our next episode of CGpresents...

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