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NEW VIDEO: Megan Thee Stallion ft. Nicki Minaj & Ty Dolla $ign – Hot Girl Summer - Directed by. Munachi Osegbu

September 10, 2019

From when Nicki and Meg uploaded an image to Instagram, of them wearing the same attire we all knew the visuals were on the way. A few weeks back Thee Stallion decided to weigh in on the Hot Girl vs. Hot Boy Summer and release a new single featuring Minaj and Dolla $ign. The H-Town rapper is on fire right now and probably the hottest female artist is the game right now and decides to capitalise on this buzz as she drops the visuals for her latest single.



The way female rap is going right now, it is good to see/hear two females getting a long and collaborating on a very good track. We get to see a cameo of Juicy J in the video as we see him turning up with some females at the party. Nicki Minaj’ man also makes the cut as we see Nicki doing her thing with him in the clip. The video doesn’t fail to disappoint, it is pretty much everything we expected, filled with fun and a lot of females.


You can watch the video for ‘Hot Girl Summer’ below.





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