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NEW: Halia Jack – Threw It Away

Halia Jack will have you spellbound with her brand new lyric video ‘Threw it Away’. Enriched with an eclectic landscape “Threw It Away“ possesses all that is right in Soulful Pop - It attacks and breaks in all the right places. An incredible vocalist with a one of a kind sound Halia’s voice is magnetic andshe draws such emotion through every word she sings.

‘Threw it Away’ compartmentalises the fragments of a relationship as the ex comes back into the picture and is eloquently pieced together as it deals with unsaid feelings about thesituation. A wordsmith at heart Halia channels all the emotions into an uplifting powerful track. Echoing an old school vibe to the track, think TLC and Janet Jackson, ‘Threw it Away’ pays homage to 90s RnB, whilst giving it a contemporary twist.

Already on the radar of music gatekeepers including Pop Justice and The 405, Halia Jack is destined for great things. Reconstructing the DNA of pop music Halia is carving out her ownidentity and ‘Dreamland’ is a true reflection of that. The infectious melodies and introspective lyricism effortlessly marry together to form a mesmerising body of work.

You can listen to the new single ‘Thew It Away’ below.

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