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NEW: Big Sean makes a return with two new tracks ‘Overtime’ and ‘Single Again’

So much has happened since we last heard from Sean Don, it has actually been since his 2017 project ‘I Decided’ and the Metro Boomin collaboration ‘Double Or Nothing’. Despite remaining relatively low key over the past 1 or so, fans have still be anticipating his return. His public relationship with Jhene Aiko and featuring on a few projects has kept his name in the headlines all this time. The time has finally come for Sean to make his return, considering how long he has taken out of the game we could have expected just one new track, but the Detroit rapper decides to drop two new singles.

His first release is titled ‘Overtime’, as Sean decides to take it alone and showcase what we have been missing out on. The rapper is back like he never left, the time out clearly hasn’t affected his form as he comes back all guns blazing. ‘Overtime’ is a very hard hitting record and touches upon a few burning subjects.

You can listen to the latest Big Sean track below.

His second release is the one that has been hot topic all weekend, is his collaboration on ‘Single Again’. The artists featured are what confuses fans the most, as he links up with Jhene Aiko and Ty Dolla Sign. As Aiko is supposedly Sean Don’s ex, many fans on social media was shocked that she was featured on a track with such a title.

You can watch the 'Single Again' video below.

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