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Wireless Festival 2019: The Round Up!

Every year Wireless Festival is a weekend filled with vibes, international talent and of course our own artists here in the UK. Wireless 19' was its 14th successful year of running the festival, after starting all the way back in June 2005. Finsbury Park was once again the home for all the big names on the header; Cardi B, Migos, Travis Scott, A$AP Rocky & Rae Sremmurd were all set to headline this year. Unfortunately, terrible circumstances in Sweden lead to Rocky not being able to headline on the Sunday, so Wireless stepped in and announced J Hus as the accompanied headline for Sremm Life.

Artists from all over the globe performed and infused their sound through the London crowd, it is a very exciting moment for the travelling fans as Wireless is a chance for them to see artists they wouldn't normally go and see. Over the years we have witnessed the shift in UK music culture, as it reaches overseas and people from other countries are really starting to appreciate our sound over here. For me, Wireless is always a good insight into how much the U.S stars enjoy our music. Each year our talents continue to grow and end up sharing the main stage with some huge worldwide figures.

Friday 5th July kick started the weekend with acts like; Tyga, Tory Lanez, NSG, Fredo, Ella Mai, Migos, Cardi B and more. With the past Summer Tyga has had, a lot of fans were excited to see what records he would be performing. The rapper even spoke about it in his interview with Tim Westwood, he explained how London is like his second home and he was grateful to come back and be able to showcase his comeback with hits like 'Taste' 'Dip' and more. If you have never been to a Tory Lanez show, you have surely saw his energy during his sets. An energy that Wireless certainly needed, he is renown for his crowd surfing skills. Whilst many thought he would only crowd surf during indoor performances, he showed the overseas crowd that he does what he wants at festivals too. After coming off stage Tory criticised his own performance and stated he thought he 'could have done better' you can watch that interview in full below.

Quality Control stars, Migos & Cardi B were the acts everyone was the most excited to see on the Friday; Migos came out with an explosive set, warming up the crowd perfectly for Bardi. Migos have an energy that captures the crowds attention, between the three of them they really know how to work the stage equally. Cardi B had arguably the biggest moment of the days performances, I think everyone will know what moment I am talking about. With just one song of her set left, the Bronx rapper decided to give the fans a moment when she took off her wig and threw it into the crowd. Her set certainly made up for the fact she pulled out of Wireless 2018, quite late on.

Saturday 6th July was potentially the biggest line up of the weekend; Young Thug, Travis Scott, Dig Dat, Stefflon Don, Future, Juice WRLD were all amongst the line up, alongside many others. Lil Uzi Vert was set to perform on the Saturday too, but he was forced to cancel his set due to unforeseen circumstances. The London crowd were blessed with a legend from their own ends, as Skepta came out to fill Uzi's slot on the main stage. Travis Scott's headline set really set the levels for all of Sunday's performances, if you haven't saw Travis live yet, I would highly recommend it. He brought out Young Thug and Sheck Wes too, of course Wes performed 'Mo Bamba' and Thugger helped Scott out for their hit record 'The London'. The real reason why the Houston rapper brought those two out in particular was to showcase their new collaboration that hasn't even been released yet. The rapper gifted the crowd with an exclusive that hasn't been heard before and I think the audiences reaction shown that this record has potential to be a banger.

Another standout moment on Day Two was Future's set, for years we have been talking about UK artists paving the way and shortening the bridge between UK music and the US music scene and i think the ATL rappers performance proved we are closer than we think. Drake, Giggs, Chip, Krept and Konan alongside many others have broken down the door for the UK wave to reach america, which is why it wasn't a surprise to me when Fewtch decided to bring out 5 UK artists onto the main stage. The Atlanta superstar would have gained a lot of respect for bringing out; Dig Dat, Mo Stack, D-Block Europe, NSG, Krept & Konan and sharing the stage with them. There will have been a lot of Future fans that wouldn't of heard of our brightest prospects over here, now they have been put onto a totally new audience.

If you have been invested in the Hip-Hop scene over the past year, there would have been two artists that you was waiting for on the Sunday; Lil Baby and Gunna. The fellow ATL rappers have been doing numbers over in the States and adding to the excellent roaster Atlanta already has. Both artists performed back to back at Wireless, with Gunna kick starting at 5.20, he certainly brought his energy but more importantly the drip with him too. The rapper performed a lot of his 'Drip or Drown 2' cuts, which sent the London fans crazy, warming up perfectly for Lil Baby. Alongside the Quality Control CEO's; Coach K and QC Pee, Lil Baby emerges onto the stage for his hit 'Yes Indeed' featuring Drake, which was his breakthrough record. To have such a huge record and then be performing it within a year of you blowing up is an achievement in itself, but to showcase this to 50,000 people overseas would be a different feeling. After smashing his performance; the moment that everyone was anticipating was finally here. Baby brought out Gunna to finish off his set for their Summer anthem 'Drip Too Hard'.

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