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NEW: Lil Durk – Turn Myself In - #FreeDurk

If you follow the Hip-Hop community, you will have definitely heard the unfortunate news of Lil Durk’s legal issues that have came to surface. The rapper shared some news with his fans on Instagram that he would actually be handing himself in. Despite not revealing why, it was only a few hours before reports emerged that a warrant was actually issued for his arrest. If you listen to Durk’s music you know what the rapper is about, so the news may not come as such a surprise. It seemed like he was out of all his legal difficulties and his music was pushing him back in the right positive direction. Well, hours after the reports emerged the rapper dropped a track called ‘Turn Myself In’ which you can listen to below.



The track serves as a reflective effort from Durk, as he looks at his actions in the past and what the future will hold for him. He expresses his belief in God and understands that he has a plan for him and how this will all play out. Shortly after the reports emerged his lawyer came out and made a brief statement that Durk has nothing to hide and that is why he handed himself in. Durk also touches up on this in his latest record, “Stay makin’ up lies, for sure. I’m an innocent man, for sure. It is what it is, for sure.”


You can listen to ‘Turn Myself In Below’ and share your thoughts with us.




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