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NEW: Lil Keed ft. Young Thug – Proud Of Me - Prod by. Goose

Lil Keed and Lil Gotit have been making noise within US Hip-Hop culture for a while now, with a few mixtapes behind them and some established stars, 2019 is looking like their year. Young Thug was the first mainstream artist to take them under his wing and really gave them that co-sign. Thugger is always sharing their music via his Instagram and other social media accounts. With the YSL crew behind the rappers as well, they are sure to blow. Lil Keed becomes the first one out of the pair to receive that Thug feature as he releases his new single ‘Proud Of Me’



For those fans who really follow the YSL camp, will have heard that the song actually premiered on an episode of The Weeknd’s ‘MEMENTO MORI’. It is always good to see the bigger names in Hip-Hop use their platform to promote artists they believe have got what it takes. Thugger has been renown for this over the years and it looks like Keed is his next protégé.


You can listen to their first collaboration together ‘Proud Of Me’ below




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