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NEW: RM ft. Tiny Boost & R.A - Mazzalina Remix - Directed by. Tadas & KamCordings

Back in November 2018, popular Birmingham rapper, RM dropped off the heavy hitting single that is 'Mazzalina', a track which made waves across the UK upon arrival. As the Say Narda talent prepares for a huge 2019, he has decided to revisit the banger and cook up a huge remix which see's him enlist two of the coldest acts we have to offer here in the UK.

It is Tiny Boost, and R.A who get the call to come and join RM for the remix, and there is no doubt that they shut it down. As soon as you see the line up for this one you know it's about to go off and the trio did not disappoint. The heavy hitting production has been laced to perfection by the all three talents, and there's no doubt that this one is set to do crazy numbers.

Huge props have to be sent out to Tadas, The Link Up TV family and the KamCordings team for cooking up a visual which most definitely matches the levels set by RM, Tiny Boost and R.A.

Do not sleep on this one, and check it out right now!

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