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NEW VIDEO: Offset ft. Cardi B – Clout - Prod by. Southside

April 18, 2019

This is certainly the most talked about music video of the year so far, the duo have been hot in the public eye ever since they started their relationship and the demand has only got bigger. As soon as Offset’s latest album dropped, the record that everyone was talking about was ‘Clout’ featuring Cardi B. Clout can almost be categorised as a disease these days, at this point it seems like people will do anything for some likes on Instagram.




After dropping the official trailer yesterday, the duo have now released the video due to demand. The two rappers are in the headlines as much as the Kardashians these days, which is something Cardi actually addresses in the song. “I should run a whole blog at this rate, they using my name for click bait” she raps in her opening verse. The video shows Set playing a piano wearing a mask, in the teaser clips we saw a yellow theme and this is the same theme carried throughout the music video.


You can watch the ‘Clout’ video below and share your thoughts with us.




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