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NEW VIDEO: Saweetie ft. Quavo – Emotional - Prod by. NOVAWAV

If you follow Saweetie on social media, you will know just how excited she has been to premiere her new EP. ‘ICY’ is 7 tracks deep and features some of the very best producers in the game, one thing you will also notice is she only has two features on there. This is quite strange for an upcoming artist to have so little features, but she has decided to feature her boyfriend Quavo on both records. One of the tracks ‘Tip Toes’ and the other more popular record ‘Emotional’. A few days after releasing ‘ICY’ she decides to drop the music video for ‘Emotional’ which is a fan favourite.



In the video we see the Migos member, enjoying all of the VIP treatments in the club, as he watches the bartenders and enjoys a full bottle service. Before Saweetie enters the club in a low cut dress and as the video progresses, the duo only get closer. Showcasing that their connection rides further than the studio. I think this was a very clever move to involve Quavo as much as she could in her EP, as he will bring his own audience with him and the fact that they have a genuine connection with each other, besides the music.


You can watch ‘Emotional’ below and share your thoughts




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