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NEW: Lil Reese ft. Lil Zay Osama – Sacrifices

March 27, 2019

It seems like the rapper Lil Reese is preparing for something this year, over the past couple of months we have heard a fair few new tracks which is making us think he has a project ready to release soon. It is always good to see young upcoming artists putting in the work from early, it shows they are hungry for the success and want to better themselves. There is a lot of young upcoming rappers that try and get big off a hype these days, rather than putting in work and grafting for the top spot. Lil Reese keeps his fans entertained by releasing another new track featuring Lil Zay Osama titled ‘Sacrifices’



The two artist connect on their new track, where they talk about the time they have spent in the streets and the various sacrifices they had to make. Despite it being a Reese record, he only actually holds down the second verse. Zay Osama handles the hook and the first verse as he looks to showcase his talents to a wider audience.


You can watch ‘Sacrifices’ below




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