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NEW VIDEO: NBA Youngboy – Slime Belief – Directed by. ShotByJacques

February 21, 2019

There is no stopping his hustle, a lot of rappers have had flying starts to the year and have released a lot of new music. But I still don’t think anyone is matching Youngboy’s work rate, the rapper seems to have a new track or a new music video every week. After hitting us with ‘Gangsta Fever’ last week, the rapper bounces back with a new visual the week later. This time NBA drops the music video for ‘Slime Belief’ which was actually off his ‘Realer’ project last year. ‘Slime Belief’ is the follow up visual from his ‘Kick Yo Door’ video we got a few weeks back.



“You loyal to me, I’ll make sure you get it” NBA raps as he once again proves his loyalties, you may notice that a lot of his lyrics sound like he has deeper trust issues. We see the editor has added their own touch to this video and added cartoon animations of Youngboy to the clip, which turns out looking very effective unlike some animation we see in music videos these days.


You can watch the new video below and share your thoughts.




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