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NEW VIDEO: Lil Baby – Pure Cocaine - Prod by. Quay Global - Directed by. Edgar Esteves

March 11, 2019

Lil Baby dropped off ‘Street Gossip’ at the perfect time last year, he had the momentum from the hit records he had during 2018 and his joint project with Gunna was also out. Many supporters were critical of the timing of the tape because of how soon it came out after ‘Drip Harder’ but the real ones never questioned his moves. The rapper was able to showcase his potential in the commercial market with records like ‘Close Friends’ and ‘Drip Too Hard’ but was also able to feed the streets last year too. ‘Street Gossip’ had a few standouts, one being his ‘Time’ collaboration with Meek Mill and the other was ‘Pure Cocaine’. Months down the line, Baby decides to gift his fans with the ‘Pure Cocaine’ music video.



As expected from the song title, there is an awful lot of white in this video, from outfits, all the way down to cars and scenery. We see the rapper surrounded by a bunch of women at a pool party, his crew and a lot of exotic dancers. As the clip comes to an end, the story behind the video becomes clearer and we also get a 21 Savage cameo too. The story unfolded that Lil Baby is trying to resign from his job in the streets and end up in a better situation, which as we know are some aspects of Baby’s real life.


You can watch the ‘Pure Cocaine’ video below




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