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NEW VIDEO: Boogie ft. Eminem – Rainy Days - Directed by. James Larese

February 21, 2019

Eminem has been catching headlines recently, this may have something to do with him calling out Machine Gun Kelly at a recent concert of his. After fans chanted that they want to hear his ‘Killshot’ diss track, he referred to Kelly as a ‘cocksucker’. Despite all the drama that has surrounded the two over the years, Eminem is still continuing to put out good content. His most recent success was when Boogie called him up for ‘Rainy Days’ as ever since it was released it has been climbing up the charts. As the record reaches its peak Billboard position, the duo decide to release the music video for ‘Rainy Days’



The visuals really bring the record to life and I am sure will enable this single to keep rising up Billboard charts. We see rain clouds appear above both rappers heads and lyrics splattered across the walls, as they both focus directly on the camera. There is a slight feel of unknown when raindrops fall on Boogies head as he raps with fog forming around the room, bringing an eerie vibe


You can watch the visual for ‘Rainy Days’ below




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