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Tyga disses Soulja Boy over the ‘Thotiana’ instrumental with the L.A Leakers

February 26, 2019

It would depend who you speak to, as to whether they thought Tyga had a bigger comeback than Big Drako last year, personally it has to go to Tyga. But as we all know Soulja has been having his fun over the past few months and during this time he has made it clear that he believes he had the biggest comeback last year. You may remember Tyga stepping up to the L.A Leaker show not too long ago, but it seems the rapper has something he would like to get off his chest…



In recent news, things haven’t been looking too good for the rapper after he got kicked out of Floyd Mayweather’s party the other night. Of course after being kicked out, Big Soulja took to the internet to have his meme moment on the ‘Taste’ rapper. But maybe this was the tipping point for T-Raww, as he sits down with the radio show for a freestyle. The rapper decides to tackle the very popular ‘Thotiana’ beat that has everyone dancing at the moment and he has a few strong words for Drako. “7 million records, 9 months, where’s Soulja at?” Tyga raps, as it appears he has had enough of Soulja’s games.


You can watch the full L.A Leakers freestyle below and share your thoughts




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