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NEW ALBUM: XXXTentacion Presents: Members Only Vol.4

January 28, 2019

Last week we celebrated the late XXXTentacion’s 21st birthday, fans from across the globe came together to remember X and all of his inspiring work. Not only were we celebrating his birthday but many fans were honouring the release of his new video for the Lil Wayne collaboration ‘Don’t Cry’. If that wasn’t enough for you, X had plenty more content to offer as he dropped off the sequel to his ‘Members Only’ series. What better way to celebrate your birthday than dropping ‘XXXTentacion Presents: Members Only Vol.4’.





1. Corey's Intro (Corey)

2. Nothing (Cooliecut, Craig Xen & Killstation)

3. Sauce!

4. Gassed Up! (Flyboy Tarantino, Kid Trunks, Bass Santana, Kin$oul)

5. Plottin (Kid Trunks, Flyboy Tarantino, Robb Bank$)

6. Pick Your Poison (Tankhead & Ikabod Veins)

7. Fall In Love With Death (Bass Santana, Cooliecut & Kin$oul)

8. Love Hard, Fall Fast (Flyboy Tarantino & Craig Xen)

9. Now or Never (Flyboy Tarantino, Craig Xen, Kidway)

10. Cold Weather (Killstation, Cooliecut & Craig Xen)

11. Touch Eem Body (Bass Santana, Kin$oul & Reddz)

12. Jahseh on my Wrist (Bass Santana, Flyboy Tarantino, Kid Trunks & Craig Xen)

13. He Diddy! (Ski Mask The Slump God)

14. You Are Not M.O (Bass Santana, Kin$oul, Robb Bank$, Bhris, absentwill)

15. Make Eem Run! (Bass Santana & Ski Mask The Slump God)

16. PROUD PUPPY LOVER! (Craig Xen)

17. Woah Freestyle (Kid Trunks)

18. MEMBERS ONLY! (Tankhead, Ratchet Roach, Flyboy Tarantino, Cooliecut, Kid Trunks & More!)

19. Radar (Ratchet Roach, Bass Santana, Kin$oul, Kid Trunks & Flyboy Tarantino)

20. Hi Wendy! (Bass Santana, Kin$oul, Kid Trunks & Flyboy Tarantino)

21. Over The Rainbow (CoolieCut, Kin$oul & Rawhool Mane)

22. Red Pills (Cooliecut & Kin$oul)

23. Empty (Cooliecut, Craig Xen, Kin$oul & Ski Mask The Slump God)

24. Rebirth (Killstation)



At the end of last year, we got X’s first posthumous album when ‘Skins’ dropped and actually debuted at number 1 on Billboard’s album charts. The album was praised all over the net and also received a high number of sales, pushing 132,000 units in its first week. After hearing this perfectly produced project, there are rumours that there is much more in the pipeline, as X worked on a lot of records prior to his passing.


Stream ‘XXXTentacion Presents: Members Only Vol.4’ in full below and share your thoughts.



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