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NEW ALBUM: YNW Melly – We All Shine

January 21, 2019

As I am sure everyone is aware by now, YNW Melly is still behind bars after being locked up on marijuana charges a few weeks ago. The bright prospect had a lot of upcoming events taking place in the near future, like his upcoming album and his ‘We All Shine’ Tour 2019. Well the law clearly didn’t hold the artist back from releasing his second studio album, which serves as the follow up from ‘I Am You’. Fans are pleasantly surprised with the amount of work Melly has been putting in as we only received his debut album just under 5 months ago.



The rapper was sure to assure his fans that he will be out before his tour starts and told a magazine that “The police are very, very dirty and racist. The fact that people are still being thrown in jail for weed is ridiculous, but that’s a conversation for another time”




1. City Girls

2. No Heart

3. Rolling Loud

4. Robbery

5. Beat A Nigga Block

6. Hold Up (Wait 1 Min)

7. No More

8. No Holidays

9. Mixed Personalities ft. Kanye West

10. Why You Gotta Walk Like That???

11. Fuck PNC Bank

12. Ingredients ft. Fredo Bang

13. Curtains (Burtains)

14. Control Me

15. Alarm 

16. Butter Pecan (Bonus Track)


The South Florida artist second album contains 16 tracks in total, with ‘Butter Pecan’ being the bonus track. A lot of upcoming artists tend to flood their albums with features to create the hype, which is exactly why Melly gets more respect from me. The artist decides to only feature 2 artists on this tape, Fredo Bang and Kanye West are the two lone artists that he decided to collaborate with. He has actually gone on to release a music video for his ‘Mixed Personalities’ track with Mr West, you can watch the video in full below



You can stream ‘We All Shine’ in full below




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