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Fetty Wap releases 2 new singles ‘Trippin Baby’ and ‘Trap God’

Regarding solo singles, Fetty Wap was pretty silent for the majority of 2018, he kept his name popping by featuring on other rappers records. After his takeover in 2015 with hits like ‘Trap Queen’ and ‘My Way’ it looks like Fetty is going for another take over year. Not only does the rapper release one record, but he has also now gifted us with a second single and we aren’t even a week into the New Year. The rapper kick-starts with ‘Trippin Baby’ before releasing ‘Trap God’ for all of his fans to enjoy

‘Trippin Baby’ was a chance for Wap to prove that he has mastered the art of creating a romantic trap record, bringing his own melodies. The rapper hits up FrenzyBeats for his first release since dropping his cover for ‘Co-Star’. I feel like this is an indication of what’s to come this year and what a perfect time to drop, we can definitely expect a big comeback from the rapper this year. You can listen to ‘Trippin Baby’ below

His ‘Trap God’ release brings a totally different vibe compared to the other single, which is what the fans would have hoped for. This time Fetty works with TheLoudPack, as he boasts about his riches and different connections he has in the game. It is a motivational track, a track that speaks to bosses and asserts Fetty Wap’s experience in this game.

Getting two tracks so early on in the year can only mean one thing...are we going to be getting a Fetty Wap project anytime soon? For now, you can stream ‘Trap God’ below.

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