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NEW: Waka Flocka - Birthday Freestyle

December 19, 2018

It almost feels like people have given up waiting for ‘Flockavelli’ and is more focussed on what music Waka Flocka has for us now. The rapper has been teasing the arrival of the upcoming project for at least five years now, he has made up with Gucci Mane during this whole time and still has not put out the project. He did also venture into reality TV with Tammy Rivera, but it looks like Waka is back and ready to shake up the music scene. He bounces back with his ‘Birthday Freestyle’




We are unsure as to why he titled it ‘Birthday Freestyle’ as it is not actually his birthday, but I suppose we can celebrate one thing… more music from Waka Flocka! The rapper decides to rap over a heavily trap influenced beat, as he delivers some hard hitting rhymes. After releasing his ‘December 6th Freestyle’ this record actually marks his second release of the month. Hopefully the sudden infux in music means that we are getting closer to the release of ‘Flockavelli 2’


You can listen to the ‘Birthday Freestyle’ below



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