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NEW ALBUM: Kodak Black - Dying To Live

December 17, 2018

Ever since being released from prison it is almost like the rapper has been reborn, we have started to see a change in Kodak that we saw in Gucci Mane not so long ago. The young Floridian artist has started recording immediately, getting to work with the project that fans have been waiting for. His absence from the scene was definitely noticed, but finally the album arrives for us all to hear. Kodak reasserts himself as the dominant force with his latest studio album ‘Dying to Live’





1. Testimony

2. This Forever

3. Identity Theft

4. Gnarly ft. Lil Pump

5. ZEZE ft. Offset & Travis Scott

6. Take One

7. MoshPit ft. Juice WRLD

8. Transgression

9. Malcom X.X.X

10. Calling My Spirit 

11. In The Flesh

12. Close To The Grave

13. From The Candle

14. If I'm Lyin, I'm Flyin

15. Needing Something

16. Could Of Been Different


The album features 16 tracks in total, which is rather a big project considering the size of albums other artists are putting out these days. Considering the tape is quite large it is not flooded with features, only Offset, Travis Scott, Lil Pump and Juice WRLD feature on ‘Dying To Live’. After the album dropped the internet went crazy, the hype around Kodak’s name was surreal.


Shortly after dropping this album it is a shame that the focus was actually shifted after Black’s interview with Hot 97, where things got slightly heated with Ebro and the team. As we all know, Kodak is currently facing charges which were brought to light in the interview. Ebro attempts to dig deeper into the case, which resulted in Kodak leaving the conversation early.

You can stream ‘Dying To Love’ below



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