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NEW VIDEO: Eminem ft. Jessie Reyez – Good Guy - Prod by. IllaDaProducer

A few days ago, fans were made aware that Em would be releasing a new video from his latest album ‘Kamikaze’. Majority of fans know that whenever Eminem has content on the way, it is usually a special moment. The rapper is deep into the rap game and doesn’t put out content like all the new school rappers, which is why fans are so hyped when he does release something. Slim Shady decides to drop the visual for his ‘Good Guy’ collaboration with Jessie Reyez.

The establishing shot in this clip is shots that include a person crawling out of some dirt after being buried alive and left there. We later find out that it was actually Jessie, as she gets closer to Em to confront him, the duo have a situation occur in the kitchen. After the pair fight it out, Jessie puts Eminem into a body bag and drags him to the same spot she was buried at. These scenes continue a theme that runs throughout many of the rappers videos

Check out the official ‘Good Guy’ video below

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