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NEW VIDEO: Lil Yachty ft. Playboi Carti – Get Dripped - Prod by. MitchGoneMad & EarlThePearll

November 28, 2018

Before the new year started, everyone was waiting for Playboi to drop his highly anticipated album ‘Die Lit’ which was finally released at the head of the year. Ever since, Carti has been riding the wave and enjoying all his recent success. After being taken under the wing of A$AP Rocky, he has had a career changing year and was proven to be a big name on another artists album this year. One memorable 2018 feature was ‘Get Dripped’ for Carti and Lil Yachty, which featured on Yachty’s most recent project ‘Nuthin 2 Prove’



It made perfect sense for Yachty to drop the music video for one of his stand out tracks from his latest Quality Control Music album. Everyone had their suspicions that this visual would be dropping soon, when Yachty teased that he had linked up with Playboi to shoot a music video. The duo embrace a load of bright colours throughout this video, Carti raps his lyrics with butterflies out in the wild whilst Yachty rocks a full camo outfit. No surprise that Lil Boat played his part in the creative directing of this video, with all the bright colours going on.


You can watch ‘Get Dripped’ below




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