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Tory Lanez vs. Joyner Lucas: So Far!

November 25, 2018

Despite the two rappers being in the middle of a competitive rap battle, both artists have made it very clear that there isn’t any bad blood between the pair. We see so much ‘fake’ rap beef now a days, majority of it is usually for promo or ‘free clout’. Maybe this is the reason why people are so interested in this rap battle, as there is no bad blood, it’s just simply two lyricists wanting to outshine each other.



It all started when Tory Lanez found himself on the receiving end of a challenge issued by Lucas. The challenge was simple, both artists would hop on a beat and the public would decide who went harder. It seemed like Joyner was writing Lanez off as a comedian at first, but I can guarantee that after he hopped on Joyner and Eminem’s ‘Lucky You’ beat, he will take the Toronto artist series. You can listen to the first send below, Tory Lanez ‘Lucky You Freestyle’



The whole rap community was in shock at how fast Tory responded to the initial challenge, due to his statue in the game, many thought he didn’t owe it to Joyner to respond. Lucas knew the pressure was on him after Lanez delivered a fire response to his challenge. The same way how Lanez decided to hop on a beat that his opponent had already rapped over, Joyner Lucas decides to tackle Meek Mill and Tory’s ‘Litty’ beat. On the hook, Lucas cleverly uses Tory’s name to put together a crazy flow and showcase his talents. You can listen to the ‘Litty Freestyle’ below.



Once again, the Toronto artist wasted no time at clapping back at the Eminem affiliate. This time Tory claps back and claims back his own ‘Litty’ beat and delivers a close to 5 minute freestyle. “My neph couldn’t get you to a million on the gram, Chris Brown tried and failed both times” spits Lanez. He decides to show his authority and position in the game on this one, really showing Joyner he isn’t in his league at all. You can listen to Tory’s ‘Litty Freestyle’ clapback below.



These guys are really putting in work, we had already received 3 tracks within 2 days. And Lucas had plans to make that four tracks in a total of 36 hours, when he sends for Tory yet again on his ‘ZeZe Freestyle’. Lucas finds himself taunting Lanez about how he will always be in the shadow of Drake and makes fun of his fashion sense. You can check out the ‘ZeZe Freestyle’ below



Well, we certainly haven’t had a rap battle like this in a good few years and it is definitely something the rap game needs right now. Some positive competition where two artists simple think they are better than each other at their craft and not out on the streets. Be sure to share your comments and stay posted on CGuk to hear everything Tory Lanez vs. Joyner Lucas

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