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NEW: Lady Ice - Do That For - Prod by. Sonus - Visuals by. Woolgather Films

Coming straight out of Manchester, Lady Ice, is back with a brand new joint as she prepares her growing fan base for the arrival of the forthcoming EP 'Slush'. 'Do That For' is the title of the single, and there's no doubt that this one will boost her profile even more!

Lady Ice showcases her finesse as she drips with style from head to toe. Effortlessly engulfed with a vibrant and energetic sound. The 0161 talent instantly gets the attention of the listener with her Mancunion accent that is littered with Caribbean influence and patois. Flowing effortlessly over this Sonus production, Ice shows her versatility as she embraces a variety of melodies and rhythms with her no-nonsense attitude.

Props have to be sent out to the team at Woolgather Films who apply the finishing touches to this track with an expertly constructed visual.

Check it out below, and keep your eyes peeled for the E.P.

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