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NEW: Sho Shallow - Gelato - Prod by. Detonator - Visuals by. Kye Taliana

Sho Shallow returns with his fresh new hit ‘Gelato’, as he follows up from the video for ‘Calm’ with another overseas setting for this latest hit.

This one if for rap fans that enjoy those sweet melodies in the Detonator instrumental, but want those lyrics to tell the story in the body of the track. On this occasion we see Sho Shallow comparing women to gelato and disclaiming the sweetness that he has experienced. Kye Taliana is the master behind the camera and perfectly sets the scene of someone at the top of their game and enjoying the lavish life. Sho Shallow is one of the artists that has made a recognisable progression in his music and the visuals that accompany. Those who haven’t listened to him need to take the plunge and check him out and here is your chance by watching the video below.

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