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NEW: slowthai - Rainbow - Prod by. Kwes Darko & JD. Reid - Directed by. The Rest

October 11, 2018

After only releasing his EP titled 'RUNT' last month, slowthai is continuing the phenomenal work rate with a new single ‘Rainbow’.


Accompanied by an orchestral backing track that peaks as slowthai's voice becomes more forceful, when he talks about race. “When the colors gone what am I to you” he raps.  Despite being known for his blasé, don’t care persona the track has a strong message about race and the way race continues to divide people even in todays day and age.



The thought-provoking song was released with a spooky video, to go with the month of October. The music video is a somewhat trippy and incorporates unpredictable camera shots, whilst staying in line with the erratic theme of his other singles like ‘Polaroid’ and ‘North Nights’.


It’s clear to see that slowthai will continue, to forge a new style in the UK music scene. Be sure to check the song out for yourself, right here at CGuk via the link below.



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