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Rapman - #ShirosStoryPt3 - What's Next?

It's one of the most talked about releases of the year, and after securing a Rated Award, and picking up huge views on Part 1, and 2, it was vital that Rapman came through and raised the levels once again for the third edition. And, judging by the response that is exactly what he has done.

Huge props have to be sent out to Kaze Beats on production, and Simon Aukes on camera duties, for assisting Rapman in this legendary move.

In just 5 hours 'Shiro's Story Pt. 3' had secured a million views and was trending across every social media platform. People all over the world have been taken by storm over this unique, gripping, moving music video. Officially that's what it is, but it is, and has the potential to be so much more.

There is one huge question that everybody is asking....what's next? There are calls for the popular series to be developed into a TV Series or a movie, while some feel that it is not needed, and Rapman should move on and work on a new project.

Let us know your thoughts on what the next move should be, and keep your eyes peeled for more moves from Rapman and the team.

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