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NEW MIXTAPE: Octavian - Spaceman

September 13, 2018

It’s the project that fans all over the globe have been waiting for ever since he burst onto the scene with his track ‘Party Here’ at the end of last year. Yes that’s right, Octavian has finally blessed the scene with ‘Spaceman’, landing with a healthy 14 tracks.



1. Scared
2. Sleep ft. Krimbo
3. Don’t Cry
4. Stand Down
5. This Is My World
6. Build
7. Break That ft. Suspect
8. Move Faster
9. Here Is Not Safe
10. 54321 ft. Swift
11. Revenge
12. Lightning
13. You See It?
14. Think Twice ft. A2


The French born, London raised talent has got the scene in the palm of his hand right now, it seems everything he touches turns to gold, and now he has this body of work behind him, it’s safe to say that life is set to get even better for Octavian and his Essie family.

Not only does Octavian showcase his talents, but we also see him team up with some popular UK talents including A2, Suspect, Swift and more.

If you’re still sleeping, then it’s time to wake up and take in the greatness. Check out ‘Spaceman’ right here at CGuk via the link below. 

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