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NEW: Remtrex - Bars Upon Bars - #BarsFromThePen

August 15, 2018

Back in June, the scene was blessed with the return of Birmingham's very own, Remtrex. The people were eager to hear some new content from the heavy hitting rapper, and there is no doubt that he delivered. It's been strictly music, and it's almost time for his brand new project 'Bars From The Pen'.


Photography by. Jamie Drew // JDShotYou


With his Fire In The Booth being the comeback statement, Remtrex then went on to deliver his debut single from the upcoming tape, 'How It Goes', which has picked up an impressive 330,000 views in just two weeks. In order to build the hype that little bit more the 0121 talent has gifted his fans a hard new freestyle entitled 'Bars Upon Bars'. This one will take you back to Remtrex's early days as he brings through that relentless energy and hunger in his delivery, giving the fans exactly what they want to hear.


Check it out below, and keep your eyes peeled for 'Bars From The Pen'.



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