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NEW: Rude Kid ft. Nahli - Please Don't

August 8, 2018

One of the most influential, UK homegrown producers of today’s music, Rude Kid is quickly becoming an impressive and consistent vibe creator. For those that are already familiar with his work they will tell any newcomer that he delivers remarkably fresh, innovating and iconic sounds, something that has kept his work in high demand of artists and something he demonstrates once again for his new release ‘Please Don’t’ which see's him team up with Nahli.



Providing a spellbinding fusion of nostalgia as house and garage currents pulsate along together with a shimmering and soulful vocal from Nahli, this latest offering is distinctly Rude Kid and an exemplary offering at that. ‘Please Don’t is impassioned, crisp and has a soft undertone that blankets the bouncy beat. Piano melodies are sprinkled in to the mix, while soft symbols chime in to the hook to give the record a multitude of layers and depth crafted perfectly together.


There's no doubt that this one will have you vibing, and is definitely not one to sleep on. Check it out below.



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