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NEW: Ambush ft. Chip & Skepta - Jumpy Remix - Directed by. Myles Suave

It's the hottest track out right now, there's not one event that you can go to where you won't hear this song, and if you really think about it, the track didn't need a remix, but Ambush went that extra mile and got two of the UK's most highly thought of artists to join him.



It is Chippy and Big Smoke himself who come and bless Ambush with some hard verses, which definitely add that special something to this track. When you have two artists of this calibre coming to jump on your track, you know it's going to be huge. It's safe to say that this new release is up their with the best remixes to ever come out of the UK.


As per usual, Myles Suave has put together another fire visual which is already picking up huge views.

Check it out below.




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