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Meek Mill makes his comeback with 'Stay Woke'!

Sunday evening was a big night for the Hip-Hop community with the 18th annual BET Awards night taking place, all the huge names were in attendance. Just like any award ceremony, there is always the odd few people who try and take the spotlight with a mind blowing outfit or a star studded performance. At the 2018 award show, all eyes were on Meek Mill, who had everyone talking – for all the right reasons.

As we know Meek hasn’t had it easy with the law, being in and out of jail and basically on probation his whole music career. After being released a few weeks ago, the rappers problems seem to be taking a turn for the better. The amount of support he has received whilst being in prison this time was truly overwhelming. Major industry heads like; Jay-Z, Kevin Hart, T.I, Nipsey Hussle and more, all supporting the Philly rapper, the justice system was left with no choice but to listen to the people. And ever since being released Meek Milly has been moving forward positively, keeping his head down and really trying to make a change for his fellow peers – so this situation doesn’t happen to anyone again.

On the 24th, whether you was there or sat watching behind a screen, there was no way Meek’s performance was going to go unnoticed. Not only did the rapper showcase a brand new record, but he also spread a very strong message. ‘Stay Woke’ had thousands stood on their feet as they looked down at a reformed Meek, captivating the BET crowd. Stadium crowds are used to Meek coming out performing his classic ‘Dreams & Nightmares’, but this time the Philadelphia rapper came with un released fire.

Clever move! Meek comes out to the BET crowd on a stage that is set up like a stereotypical street corner on the block, filled with young black faces. Meek reaches us with his hard hitting bars in the first verse, before the cast on stage acts out a scene half way through the track. Bang…Bang as Mill’s first verse ends, police charged small kids with guns, as one is left shot dead. To which featured artist Miguel comes out to sing the hook and play his part in this shifting performance. You can watch the live performance of ‘Stay Woke’ below.

Not only did Meek spread a very strong police brutality message, but the MMG star also paid his respect to XXXTentacion and Pittsburgh rapper Jimmy Wopo, who both recently passed. These two deaths have cut deep into the hearts of Hip-Hop and Rap fans and deservedly so, have had a lot of respect put on their name. Meek confidently came out in a jumper with both of their faces pasted on to it, XXX being on the front of the jumper and Jimmy Wopo on the back.

In regards to the actual record, ‘Stay Woke’ gives us a whole new perception of Meek and seems like the rapper has found his new purpose. Meek sounds like he is putting up a fight on behalf of his people and community, while the Philly rapper is not lucky he realises he is fortunate. He recognises that not everyone in his position will have the luxury of money and a huge cult following to help him through the times but also to help bring justice. “A lot of people stuck in their positions, they don’t got resources” he states “Felt like I was responsible to reach back for a few” he raps.

You can listen to the official audio below and share your thoughts on ‘Stay Woke’ featuring Miguel.

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