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XXXTENTACION: Trauma, Inspiration and a Legacy!

The music industry lost one of its most talented, young artists earlier this week. XXXTentacion was tragically shot dead in his vehicle in Deerfield Beach, Florida. It was reported that the 20 year old talent was gunned down by two males wearing hoodies, with the alleged shooter wearing a red mask. Since the news surfaced people all over the globe have been paying tributes to the star, whilst they also try to make sense of the heartless killing.



Celebrities from all over the world are mourning the tragic death of X; Kanye West, Tyga, J.Cole, Lil Pump, Tory Lanez, PnB Rock, Tekashi 6ix9ine, Lil Yachty and many more!


J.Cole took to Twitter to write a heartfelt message for the 20 year old and his family;


“This got me fucked up. RIP X. Enormous talent and limitless potential and a strong desire to be a better person. God bless his family, friends and fans.”


Despite admitting he did not know the rapper too well, Tory Lanez is amongst the artists who have shown the most love. Tory described that he felt like he really connected with the rapper through his music. Hats off to the Toronto artist, who actually performed one of XXX's hit records ‘Look At Me’ – you can watch this clip below and see just how strong the reaction was from the crowd.



It always speaks volumes when the older generation can connect with the ‘new schools’ music and that’s the exact respect X was shown. The talented creative broke down boundaries, and really contributed to the shift in Hip-Hop. His music was out of the norm, and since his arrival into the game, there has been an uprising in this new generation sound, which has allowed so many young creatives to fulfil their dreams and ambitions. 


His music inspired so many and despite his demons, the rapper was really making a change for himself and his fans. 


But, there has been a lot of controversy around X's name, and many have vented out their anger and frustration towards him. He was known to have physically abused his partner, and at the time of his death was awaiting trial on charges of battery, false imprisonment and witness tampering. It seems there has been a lot of mixed emotion following his death, and there is no doubt that his behaviour cannot be condoned in any way, but if you really break down X, what he stood for, and what he was doing for the younger generation, you can't help but feel he was overcoming his demons. 


XXX possessed great power and influence, holding an Instagram following of 12,500,000. His music was his way of venting, and opening up to the people. It's known that XXX didn't necessarily love his physical form, but it was his music that defined him. The '17' and '?' albums saw the rapper explore his musical capabilities, whilst giving the younger generation a voice.


Mental health is more dangerous in this generation than ever before, but X showed to the people that you can open up and release your demons, and he did exactly this through his music, and no matter how graphic, or how concerning the topics were, he spoke on them, and gave the young people a voice. 



In his short period in stardom, X built a huge cult following, who looked up to, and idolised him. He knew how much power he had, and was extremely focussed on making a difference for his fans all over the globe. 


"Do not let your depression make you, do not let your body define your soul, let your soul define your body. Your mind is limitless. You are worth…more than you could believe. All you have to do is dream…Pain is a sign of progress. When you feel pain, it's a sign of progress."


When XXX spoke, the people listened. And, despite the controversy, and troubling actions that he carried out from his past, it seems like he was finally making progress, and making a change.


In these tragic circumstances, one thing that can be confirmed is that XXXTentacion has left a legacy behind, which his fans and followers will look up to and remember for generations to come. His time here was cut short, but he made an impact and influenced not only a musical genre, but a generation in itself.


We send our deepest condolences, to his family, friends and fans at this difficult time.



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