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NEW TRACK: Baka Not Nice - No Beam

It has been a while since we have heard any new music from the rapper, after having such a good year last year, maybe the rapper wanted to take a break. Finally, he is back and looking to have a successful end to 2018. Baka bounces back with this new single ‘No Beam’ which leaves fans thinking if he has any upcoming projects on the way. With previous singles ‘Live Up To My Name’ and ‘Money In The Bank’ doing so well, the expectations for an upcoming project would be higher for the rapper.



This new hit cements the OVO stars position and reputation in the streets “I’m a real shooter, I don’t need no beam” he raps. From a first listen, it sounds like another banger that will hopefully perform as well as his previous singles. It’s a promising start to Baka’s Summer 2018 campaign, it would be good to see him drop a project for his fans.


Listen to ‘No Beam’ below



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