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NEW VIDEO: Sneakbo - Living - Prod by. Lekaa Beats - Directed by. Real Klash - #Brixton

Oh how life has changed for Sneakbo. The UK Rapper has been putting in work for the longest, and it seems that since the arrival of his popular album 'Brixton', he is finally being rewarded in the correct manner. Well, at least it looks that way in new visual 'Living'.



Yeah, you're not seeing things. The Brixton Boy took a quick flight out to Los Angeles, to live life and soak up the success that his hard graft has earned him. Sneakbo and talented videographer, Klash, flew out to the States to capture one of the hardest visuals of 2018 so far. 


When you've got an album that stands as strong as 'Brixton' does, it's only right that you ensure every release to follow lives up to that standard, and the music video for 'Living' does exactly that. 


If you haven't done so already, then check out the new album, and be sure to watch the music video for 'Living' below.


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