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NEW E.P: GHSTLY XXVII – Guerrilla Tactics

With a minefield of platforms, outlets and social media it is difficult to know where to look to find quality artists of any music genre without having to sift through a lot of mediocre stuff in between. Spentshell is quickly stepping up as the go-to label to discover uncompromised, specially selected grime and by the time the decision has been made to release a project, they’ve already filtered out the top talent, making the music a rewarding find for the truest grime lover.


After the recent debut release of YGG member,PK’s ‘Bad Ombre EP’ on the label, they are straight back in with their second release which see's them work alongside talented MC, GHSTLY XXVII as he drops 'Guerrilla Tactics’. The young MC came to the attention of Spentshell’s founder, Flowdan via his unstoppable and unrestrained hunger for spitting, clashing and the roots of grime culture that he presented in features across Radar Radio, Mode FM, and Rinse FM. 





1. Kill Confirmed


2. Sniper Eye


3. Start It ft. Riko & PK


4. Raws



The 4-track EP ricochets through the darker, merky edge of grime, making it a raw, unapologetic and gritty serving. GHSTLY XXVII stands out as a talent beyond his years, clearly growing up on a staple diet of Channel U and in-depth studies of grime classics shared via Bluetooth on the back of buses, making him lyrically seasoned and sharp.


Productions run through from Audioslugs, Flowdan, J Beats & Kid D whilst features include a cross section of celebrated talent from both ends of the grime spectrum, old and new, including PK & Riko on the shellers ‘Start It’. The string-led, ad-lib laden, screwface inducing ‘Kill Confirmed’ was the first record to touch down with DJ Charlie Sloth snatching it up for his premiere feature on BBC Radio 1Xtra, setting a strong precedent from the get go on this serious release.


If you haven't done so already, then be sure to check out 'Guerrilla Tactics' from GHSTLY XXVII below.


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