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NEW VIDEO: Sharna Bass - Buss A 9 - Prod by. Rachet - Directed by. MilaView

Sharna Bass continues to prove herself as one of R'n'B's most captivating stars as she follows up the release of 'Buss A 9' with a dope new visual, which arrives exclusively via her official Vevo platform.



The track is dark and brooding with Sharna executing delicate vocal restraint, allowing her emotion to pierce through with her biting lyricism. We see her express devastating heartbreak and the irrational risks you take of love.


With a track this deep, and gripping, it's only right that the visuals match the lyrical content and overall vibe. MilaView has teamed up with Sharna on this one to direct and construct a visual which does exactly that. The music video really brings the track to life, allowing the listeners to relate and feel at one with the 20 year old creative.


If you haven't done so already, be sure to check it out below.




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