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NEW E.P: Kdeem - Stardust Café

February 18, 2018

South London creative, Kdeem, is here with a brand new EP, which see's him work closely with Canadian producer, Alphonse Funz. The 14 track project arrives across all major digital outlets, with support from London based collective, 'The Pit LDN'.


The talented lyricist kick started his musical journey in the ATL, where he grew up as a young teenager. It was here where he formed a collective. Kdeem is now back with an independently release project which offers a Lo-Fi, Trap influenced EP. This project see's a collection of memories and experiences around dating which go all the way back to 2011 when he moved across the ocean.





1. Fear

2. Halloween In December ft. R3 The Ghost

3. Eugene Delacroix ft. Rizzzy TwoFly

4. What Remains Of Winter

5. Low End River

6. Alan

7. Interlude: Again, Great Party ft. J

8. Alan II

9. Let You Go ft. Axron

10. Lucy

11. InterludeL Party Be Bumpin' ft. J

12. Nightcruise

13. Zombies

14. A Calming Breeze



The Stardust Café is a musical journey taking you through the mind of Kdeem as a Drifter. The Trap patterns and flows are all representations of his mood whilst intoxicated. From the intro 'Fear', we see Kdeem show that fear cannot be a factor in this life, and he portrays this as he flows expertly over the beat. A perfect way to kick start this journey,  as he prepares to show us the range of sides to his personality. Although, the vibe can be dark at times, Kdeem does show that their is a softer side which can be heared on trcks like 'Alan' and 'Lucy'.



The lead single, 'Halloween In December' is a track unlike any others on the project, and stands alone. But, it is vital that it is taken as part of this body of work, as it is a track where Kdeem shows yet another side to his personality. We see him flex, and show empowerment on this track. A perfect way to grip the people into the project and engage them to take in the full 14 tracks.


If you haven't done so already, take in Kdeem and the 'Stardust Café, right here at CGuk. Don't sleep on this one.



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