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NEW: Kdeem ft. Rizzy2Flyy - Eugene Delacroix - Prod by. Alphonse Funz - #TheStardustCafe

Born in the South side of London, Kdeem started his musical journey in the ATL where he grew up as a young teenager. Forming together a music collective and releasing several EP’s independently, Kdeem offers a Lo-Fi Trap album produced by the Canadian producer Alphonse Funz. With this being the first instalment, the concepts and themes put together in these series of projects will have been influenced by memories and experiences dating all the way back to 2011 when he moved across the ocean.

'Eugene Delacroix' is a track which features on 'The Stardust Cafè', a 14 track journey through the mind of Kdeem as a Drifter. The project is due to arrive in full on 17th February. The Trap patterns and flows are all representation of the mood whilst intoxicated.

With 'Halloween in December' establishing the sound of Kdeem’s new project, the south London rapper teams up with Rizzy2Flyy for another fun, yet inspirational song on 'Eugene Delacroix'. This tune paints the picture of a late night inspired by creatives that are totally in control of what happens to them. Almost boastfully, Kdeem shows that he knows how to turn-up but reminds people what he stands for with his melodic chorus.

Check out the new track below.

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