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CGuk v4.0 - Unspeakable - Mixed by. Unpronounceable

Here we have the latest instalment of our very own DJ mix series. This time round we keep it local again and team up with 0121 collective 'Unspeakable'. The Future beats rooted brand push their unique style across the UK scene, and have spent numerous months hosting events in Birmingham at venues such as Amusement13, Lab11 and Hawker Yard.

The team bring a house party vibe to the second city seeing around 3/4 performers but hold onto the close knit feeling of their events, and create a family aura welcoming their guests with good vibes and dope sounds.

In 2018 they aim to take their brand national and branch out to various cities across the country, as well as pushing more of a focus towards Radio, Digital Releases, whilst also building a fresh wave of creativity for the brand and it's members.

Volume 4 of the mix series, has been constructed by the talented, DJ Unpronounceable. The multi-genre DJ specialises in Future Beats, Hip-Hop of all ages, and R'n'B. He has been shutting down events in his hometown and across the country with 'MOHO' (Moschino Hoe, Versace Hottie), and 'Applebum'. After hearing good reports on his skills as a DJ, it was only right that we got him in to showcase his talents on our platform.

Check out the mix below.

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