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NEW MIXTAPE: Romey Five - The Five Tape

December 22, 2017

Romey Five is back with a fresh new project. The 0121 rapper has been warming us up by releasing a number of visuals for tracks such as 'Vectra', and 'Big Worm', and we have already been blessed with the collaborative track from Romey and The Infamous Dimez. Today saw the arrival of the tape in full, and it definitely lives up to the high expectations that have been set.





1. Just The IntRo ft. Yatez

2. Dark LiquoR

3. E.Z/I Don't Know ft. Infamous Dimez

4. One Time (One Life)

5. Big WoRm

6. Runnin' to the Money ft. Ashley Zeal

7. Henny StRaight (InteRlude)

8. PlayR PrayR

9. That's How It Is (Skit)

10. Don't Get Smoked ft. VectRa

11. Bo!!!

12. NeveR Change ft. Romo

13. Broke Dayz

14. 2 Real ft. Depzman

15. Chapter 26 ft. Casey Bailey

16. Storyteller

17. Plugged



It's clear to see that this project has been in the works for some time, it consists of tracks that have grown over time and tracks that are fresh to the ear. But, one thing is for sure, it is continuous and the content correlates with each other. It is the same message that Romey is pushing and the same legacy that he is creating.


'The Five Tape' see's a number of talented artists contribute and showcase their talents, the majority being fellow 0121 creatives. Yatez, Infamous Dimez, and Ashley Zeal have all been killing at as of late, releasing some dope content over the course of 2017. Romey also features his track with Depzman, shedding love on his brother's name who was sadly taken from us back in 2013, we then go on to see the mixtape brought a close with some words from the talented Casey Bailey.


If you haven't done so already then be sure to check the tape out in full below.



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