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NEW ALBUM: Yung Lean - Stranger

The highly anticipated album from the Swedish Sadboy artist, Yung Lean, 'Stranger' is out and it’s got us floating in oceans of waves and other worldly soundscapes.





1. Muddy Sea


2. Red Bottom Sky


3. Skimask


4. Silver Arrows


5. Metallic Intuition


6. Push / Lost Weekend


7. Salute / Pacman


8. Drop It / Scooter


9. Hunting My Own Skin


10. Iceman


11. Snakeskin / Bullets


12. Fallen Demon


13. Agony


14. Yellowman



Skimask with a more upbeat hype anthem that gets you all charged up as you chant the Hook of the song to the experimental instrumental on the song. After previously dropping 'Red Bottom Sky', with a chill ethereal vibe, that takes you from your surrounding into the moments of the song as the lyrics carry you through the motions, followed by tracks like Skimask, which has a more upbeat tempo to it, it is safe to say that the Sad Boy has accommodated for all of his fans with this one.



Stranger is an album that you definitely should not be sleeping on, whether you are a fan of Yung Lean, or not.

Check it out below.


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