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INTERVIEW: CGuk catch up with Zarion Uti

November 12, 2017

Upcoming talent, Zarion Uti, has been busy cooking up in the studio, and we finally have the finished product. With this brand new EP, he takes us into 'Zaradise' and shows us just how much talent he really possesses.


Coming off the back of his new EP, the team at CGuk thought it would be the perfect time to catch up with him, and get to know him and his work a little bit better.



So, Zarion it's clear to see you've been cooking up, and with the new EP out, tell those who have only just discovered you a little bit more about yourself. 


My name is Nwokocha Daniel, also known as Zarion Uti. I’m 19 years old and I sing. I’ve never been the type to openly display my singing ability, except in my records, but I feel that is based on the nature of my sound and the vibe I try to achieve. Anyway, I plan to grow out of that, and fully showcase my talents more once the project drops.


'Wambi' was well received by your fans, are you confident the EP will match the levels previously set?


Yes, definitely. I actually made 'Wambi' while recording the EP. I chose to release it earlier because I feel there are stronger songs that had to be on the EP.


I never release music without people equally analyzing the content so I am positive that based on sound, content, lyrics and so much more that it will be well received . The songs on the EP are all individually better than Wambi, in my opinion, so hopefully, it will be better received by the listeners. 


What is the message behind the EP? Is there a concept?


Haha, people have been asking me that particular question and I thought the title made it quiet obvious. Paradise, 'Zaradise'. It’s basically my idea of perfection. At the stage, I am growing as an artist. I know I will grow and make better music, but at this point I am comfortable to put this out as my first ever body of work because I know how long it took me.


I’m at a point in my life where I know it’s all about your art being accepted for its originality. No one wants to hear another rapper replicate the work of Chris Brown, Drake, Young Thug or Travis Scott. That’s just to mention a few though. In this project, I did me 100%. It’s my most genuine intention that people can listen to and appreciate.


How did you discover your musical talents? Has there always been a passion for music?


I actually had this conversation with my former band mate a couple nights ago. 2018 will make it 10 years for me in the music game. It’s so ironic because I’ll be turning 20, I’ve had a deep passion for music since I was 10, and started making it a year later, but I always knew it was the path for me.


When do you feel you are most creative?


I feel I am most creative when I work with the right producer. I’ve had so many producers reach out to me and after listening to their stuff I’m just like 'nah'. That doesn’t mean they aren’t talented, I’m just very specific with what I lay my voice on, because I care about my work. I want to get better with every single song, I believe it’s a responsibility no rising artist should take lightly.


With the EP out and available to stream.. Do you know what your next step is? What can we expect from Zarion Uti?


What to expect from me? Hmm, I’d say visuals and major collaborations. This project had just one feature and that’s because it’s an introduction, I didn’t want to distract the attention of those who would be listening to me for the first time. Moving forward, I plan to work with a lot more equally talented acts.





1. Do You Better


2. Life Of The Party


3. Murder


4. Coffee And Cream ft. RJZ


5. Paradise (Interlude)


6. Magic


So, it's finally here. You've got to know him a little better, and it's time to stop sleeping on Zarion Uti. Keep your eyes peeled for more work, and check out the dope new project 'Zaradise' in full right here at CGuk.



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