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ICYMI: Grim Sickers - All Black Forever 2

February 19, 2018

So, as we made our way through 2017, we saw Grim Sickers hit us with some heavy Grime hits which have seen copious amounts of radio play, and shut down near enough every rave across the country. But, if you are aware of his catalogue on SoundCloud you will know that he has been showcasing another side to his sound, forming the project 'All Black Forever 2'.





1. Remember The First Time


2. Never Stopped Writing


3. Never Ever


4. Devils Bullet


5. Can't Let It Go


6. Convo with The Spirits




8. Spirits in The Sky


9. Grind


10. Social Media



It is evident that Grim is capable of switching it up and he has been hitting us with a much more mellow vibe. These are the signs of a true artist, someone who can express themselves over a range of sounds and tempos and still sound so natural on the mic.  Back in November, the Bristolian compiled these mellow sounds to create 'All Black Forever 2', which was only available via SoundCloud. But, you can now access this via Spotify as Grim pushes the other side to his artistry.




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