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NEW: Mike Skinner announces the return of 'The Streets' with a UK Tour

Mike Skinner reappeared on the scene under the new alias, 'The Darker The Shadow The Brighter The Light', and showcased his talents as a DJ, whilst setting up a brand new label, and working closely with artists like Grim Sickers, and Jaykae. The Brummie has been an active figure in and around the UK scene as of late, and he has finally made the announcement that everybody has been waiting for.

Yes, they are back. 'The Streets' have made the return to the scene that everybody has been screaming for. The announcement came today, very calmly from Mike as he posted the tour poster on Instagram with the caption;

'spoken to my band! told them we need to sing the old songs! on sale 9am Friday 13th'

Make sure you're ready on Friday to snap up the tickets. This one isn't a show to be missed.

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