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SoundCloud; Future 5 - inc. Killy, OMB Peezy, UnoTheActivist & more...

DJ Jacky P has been roaming the galleries of SoundCloud, and has collected 5 tracks which he believes are soon to blow...


16yrold ft. Killy - No Romance

Killy made a splash on the Soundcloud scene with his tune 'Killamonjaro' earlier this year. He's hooked up with producer 16yrold who has worked with a bunch of big names from the Soundcloud rap universe including Desiigner. The pair have struck gold with 'No Romance' which bangs for a perfect two minutes of warped turn-up rap. Killy's delivery is slowly becoming a trademark with his sing-song verses and drawn out notes. Both artist and producer have busy schedules so this might be the only music we get from their paring but hey it slaps so who cares?




UnoTheActivist ft. Lil Duke - Yamaha

Regarded by many as one of the first break-out stars of the first wave of Soundcloud rappers; UnoTheActivist is almost an elder-statesman to a lot of younger rap fans. His style fully-embodies what haters and some fans have coined as 'mumble-rap'. 'Yamaha' is a highlight from his new tape 'LiveShyneDie' that he has been teasing since late 2016. Uno's slurred flow is always fun but it's the production on this track that makes the track really snap.




Band Man Fari ft. Money Man Pipes - Check Up

This is some free-wheeling, reckless rap that sounds cheap and rough around the edges. It's a lot of fun. The two rappers don't have all that much to say but that's not the point of the song. This track is a pure and simple flex-fest. Bump it and forget about serious stuff for a bit.




OMB Peezy - Pressure

Watch any of OMB Peezy's videos and you'll soon see the comment-sections are flooded with people declaring his music a return to 'real-rap'. 'Pressure' is the perfect example of his lyrical talents. Trying to keep up with everything that he has to say is part of the fun. His speed and knack for detail make for some compelling rap music. It clocks in at just under 3 minutes and boy does he do a lot with that short space of time. Definitely a name to keep an ear on.



Smokepurrp ft. Lil Pump - OK

Lil Pump and Smokepurrp have been on the come-up together. Both making ignorant, party-starting repetitive rap music; they have found a shared audience of young and reckless rap fans. Smokepurrp has just dropped his new project 'Deadstar' and 'OK' is one of the highlights simply because of the undeniable chemistry between Purrp and Pump. Long-time fans will be pleased to know that nothing about their sound has changed. It's still two maniacs shouting words over and over again but this time it's over a Ronny J beat that appears to sample a crow.

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