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NEW: Stormzy releases 'Gang Signs & Prayer' film - (Written & Directed by. Rollo Jac

Stormzy continues to change the game. After releasing the 'Gang Signs & Prayer' album earlier this year, it sparked one of the most significant up rises in the history of grime and UK scene. A real game changer, which took the movement into a whole new light. But, big Stormz wasn't done, and continued to make power moves, the most recent being the release of his own film.

So, 'Gang Signs & Prayer' has been turned into a movie which was premiered last week. All the innovators of the industry and scene were in attendance, and now the creative production is available to all of us, coming to us via 'StormzyTV' on YouTube.

The Merky team have collaborated with Rollo Jackson on this one. The reputable filmmaker has written and directed the GSAP movie, with the help of Tom Gardner on production. Clearly we have a very powerful team on our hands. The GSAP film perfectly delivers a truthful image of being raised and living in London. All whilst premiering some of the best material from Stormzy.

Huge props have to be given to the casting team, and the talented actors who performed in the film. An amazing performance from Abdul Basit who really made the character his own.

If you haven't done so already then make sure you take the time to watch the film below.

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