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DJ Jacky P introduces...KASIEN

A brand new edition of 'DJ Jacky P introduces' is here, and this time he brings to us Kasien, a London based artist who is making serious waves in the underground rap scene.

The line between rockstar and rapper has become even more blurred in 2017. Case in point; Kasien. This young upstart has struck a chord with the big players of the underground rap game in London. His major musical introduction came in the form of his 'Pretty Nightmare' EP that he dropped on Soundcloud last year. It was an accurate showcase of his twisted take on turnt-up party rap and with the highlight; 'Lost' at it's centre it made sure Kasien's name was on the lips of influential taste-makers.

Taste-making DJ Siobhan Bell was an early supporter of his music dropping his music on radio and in her sets. The London based live music platform IAMNEXT have also hosted lit sets from Kasien. It's early days for him as an artist but it looks as though he's set to break through on a wave of word of mouth about his destructive stage-presence.

He was also a major part of the Places + Faces Sounds mixtape alongside the likes of Lancey Foux & Daniel OG which served as a time-capsule-esque snap-shot of some of London's most excitingly strange rappers. His early tracks explored dark, savage soundscapes with plenty of melodrama thrown in recalling early Travis Scott. He switched things up with Soundcloud single 'Heartbreak Kid' earlier this year which shows off a knack for penning punchy melody-driven tunes.

Keep an eye on Kasien and try and keep up with his pace when you see him live.

SoundCloud - Hi, MY Name Is Kasien

Instagram - @Kasienx

Twitter - @Kasiien

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